After twenty two years in business, I am retiring.

I started Nord West Composites in 1997 following two campaigns of world class sailing with the French America's Cup team. I brought my racing sailboat designer credentials into drift boat manufacturing and created a never seen before inward gunwale drift boat. The result was a sleek looking boat and the inward gunwale reduced the effects of the wind. The reputation of my business is rated 5 out of 5 stars on Google. I thank my customers for their support.

If you are interested, I am selling the molds and plans for this drift boat business. This would be an easy way to start your own business with a limited amount of cash.

The available inventory includes:

  • Nordwest Yellowstone model mold with outward gunwale.
  • Nordwest Yellowstone model mold with inward gunwale.
  • Nordwest Bighorn model mold with inward gunwale low profile.
  • All accessories molds (seats, storage, bench,etc...)
  • Blue print for custom fit trailer.
  • Trailer jigs.

If you are interested please contact me at or by phone at (406) 254-8775.